Il Marinaio


The Opificio del Cavaliere has its roots among the majestic cypress trees in Bolgheri, in the heart of Tuscany. It all began in the villa of the marquis of Bolgheri where a child lived happily his childhood. In the room of the carriages he was charmed by the old coaches and hat boxes of noble ladies. Chapeau perfumes are niche fragrances sold in bottles embellished with hats of ceramics decorated in gold 24K.

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Unisex – Parfum 50ml

Olfactory location: Fresh aquatic, ozonated, floral scent

The first smell was the sea. The first colour was the gold, unique glittering sand. The wind blowing lightly or ruthlessly, the sun and the salt that turn thoughts into hopes. When you stop next to me, make a wish, I will follow you so that it comes true.

“The Sailor”


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